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The biggest retailer of die cast airplanes in Scandinavia.

It is a great privilege to welcome you to our website with all the great Corgi airplanemodels.

Most of he models have been used for display and can be a little dusty and some can have glued on undercarriage.

Parts as undercarriagedoors, weapons and

a displaystand is included and all models come in the original box with certificate.

We have models of military aircraft from the

first World War, 2nd World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, The Cold War and also modern fighter aircraft.

We do also have some civilian aircrafts.

The models are in the scale of 1:144, 1:72, 1:48.

Our inventory consists mainly of Corgi models, but we also list Colliction Amor and Herpa models in our stock.

How to order:

Once you have found the aircraft models that you are interested in, send an email with the number above the picture to:

You will then receive an email back with the price.

If you want your models deliverd by mail,

we will charge you postage fee, a cardboard box and

a handling fee of DKK 50.

By appointment you can pick up your models at:

Blegdamsvej 114, 2100 Copenhagen

If you have any questions please contact

Peter Willersted by phone: (45) 2096 0444 or



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